Believing passionately that engaged scholarship lies at the heart of any healthy society and that education is intrinsically valuable, SAGE aims to be the world’s leading independent academic and professional publisher. This means playing a creative role in society by disseminating teaching and research on a global scale, the cornerstones of which are good, long-term relationships, a focus on our markets, and an ability to combine quality and innovation.

Leading authors, editors and societies should feel that SAGE is their natural home: we believe in meeting the range of their needs, and in publishing the best of their work. We are a growing company, and our financial success comes from thinking creatively about our markets and actively responding to the needs of our customers. We aim to be the envy of our competitors – to be people with high standards, who care for each other, and above all who take pride in working at SAGE.

SAGE Lecture Spark is a free-to-use tool designed to help instructors launch meaningful classroom discussions with their students while also providing assessment options for in-class use.


Special thanks to Benjamin Drury of Morton College for authoring SAGE Lecture Spark for Sociology and to Alicia Fisher for authoring SAGE Lecture Spark for Criminal Justice.