[4/2/19] – Obama Policy in the Trump Era

Despite the Mueller investigations heating up and many wanting to know exactly the nature of President Trump’s possible Russian collusion, Trump has quickly pivoted his attention away to other issues, including Obamacare. This pivot is reflected in our media, where issues of Trump policy conflicting with Obama-era policy is becoming more prevalent. This week we look at this trend as illustrated in four particular policies, approaches, or shifts of the Trump administration away from the policies of his predecessor.

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President Donald Trump Again Embraces Full Repeal Of Obamacare Ahead Of 2020

Trump is again calling for a repeal of Obamacare while calling the GOP the party of health care, despite having no outlined play for replacing the existing health care law. Kelsey Snell and Alexi McCammond discuss.

Trump’s pivot from Mueller report to Obamacare stuns many in GOP

The Justice Department is deciding how much of the Mueller report the public will get to see. But the latest CBS News poll finds 77 percent of Americans want the special counsel’s findings on Russian election interference to be made public. Now the president is pivoting from the Mueller report to health care, vowing to terminate Obamacare with or without the new divided Congress. Major Garrett reports.




Writing: Regarding a specific policy: How do you feel about drilling for oil in the Arctic? Does it seem good or bad, and why?

Debate: Should we compare current presidents to past ones? After all, aren’t they living in a different time and place? Discuss.

Poll: Is it important for our government to have transparency? For example, should the government let us know what exactly it does and why?

  • Yes, No, Unsure

Short Answer: In a scenario where you would have to choose: Are issues of the environment or the Affordable Care Act more important to you?

Current Events Quiz

Currently, presidents are allowed to declare waters off-limits for oil drilling, but they cannot:

  • Reopen them
  • Close them twice
  • Exceed the Department of the Interior budget in doing so
  • Close them without first consulting the National Park Service

Trump has promised plans to do this, which depends on Affordable Care Act funding to:

  • Normalize vaccinations
  • Eradicate the Human Immunodeficiency Virus
  • Eliminate all STDs and STIs
  • Close the national parks

Until recently, Trump did not consistently support:

  • Any of the Affordable Care Act
  • Clause 2.9 of the Affordable Care Act
  • Throwing out the Affordable Care Act completely
  • Changing the name of the Affordable Care Act

Due to Obama legislation, you may have seen more ____ on your store shelves in the last few years.

  • National Park Service coupons
  • Water pistols
  • Drones
  • LED lightbulbs

Trump’s policy regarding drones reflects a lack of:  

  • Thoughtfulness
  • Transparency
  • Conformities
  • Military acumen

Photo credit: The New York State Senate

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