[1/20/19] – Brexit Update

In 2016, the United Kingdom voted to exit the European Union and strike out on its own. The referendum only passed with a 51.9% majority, and has been contentious ever since. Recently, the members of parliament have been arguing about what trade deal needs to be made with the EU and how the transition of exit will occur. Prime Minister Theresa May’s specific plan has been voted down, and she has narrowly survived a vote of no confidence (wherein she would have had to resign or call a general election). This was 1 of only 23 votes of no confidence to occur since 1945.

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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says he will table a motion of no confidence in Theresa May. He says the move is because of the PM’s failure to hold a meaningful vote on her Brexit deal.


Introduction to the British political system for non-Brits.





Writing: What do you think of the nature of the UK political system that the leader of the government regularly has to discuss or defend their policies among a group of representatives of the people?

Debate: Should the leader of a country have to defend their policies regularly to a legislature? Why or why not? What might some concerns be with having or missing this process?

Poll: Is the ongoing Brexit crisis something that you are concerned about?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Unsure

Short Answer: How do you think the Brexit issues might be relevant (or not) to the government, politics, economy, etc. of the United States?


Current Events Quiz

Prime Minister May’s Brexit deal being voted down has been called the:

  • Greatest win for a sitting government in history
  • Largest defeat for a sitting government in history
  • Most tragic moment of the century
  • Most contentious vote in British Parliamentary history

As a result of this vote, opposition party leader Jeremy Corbyn called for a:

  • Vote of displeasure
  • Vote of general unsureness
  • Vote of confidence
  • Vote of no confidence

Because the Brexit deal was defeated, and she survived a vote of no confidence, Prime Minister May will have to deliver a:

  • New government
  • Series of measures
  • “Mayxit”
  • Plan B

Mr. Corbyn’s deputy says that among the other things she lacks to run the country, PM May most crucially lacks the:

  • Guts
  • Voice
  • Policy
  • Tenacity

PM May now wants parliament to work together to:

  • Set out what it wants
  • Ally with Norway
  • Move towards rejoining the EU
  • Remove Corbyn from power


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